ES Friday 9-16-16

This video is done on Thursday night so I'm not sure how valid the areas will be by tomorrows open. As usual we will look to overnight to confirm our areas and come up with a plan. trading smaller tomorrow. It's been a good week and no sense being a bonehead trader and making stupid mistakes on a Friday.

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i got gap in data at 23.75
yes duck had that too but no opportunity to use last plan is to see if price can firm up above 26 now and then try for 29 but this is terrible trade and volume is crap...the lows are bad I'm not sure this is even worth trading
my concern is that those 26 - 28 players are gonna just flip it over and take out the lows again down into I am in standby mode and see no long entry
shorting 29......high risk...26.50 is in data
adding at 30.50 .....and last add......keeping this small...don't want a big loser to offset overnight trade...don't mind giving some back but won't let the day go negative
man...that gap in data put me on wrong side so far...there is official pivot test without me...this triple witch might mess up my gap trade,,,,,where is my wife when I need her ??? revising target to 27.....trying to do some quick math as to what is acceptable amount to keep from overnight gap trade.........sometimes I make the $ numbers more complex then it needs to be....and I am certainly no math wizard ...LOL!!...running out of time too.....11 a.m is approaching.....
damn...TOS data is whacky today.......dropping connections
had to scale down at 27.50 print....will hold two contracts....these data problems are messing with my brain and I can't afford to make data error mistakes here
these witching days are surely messy.... i am getting thrown off by the market today
wow you had to work two minute over time today hope you have good weekend..

newkid where you been? hope things are good for you.
gap in data at 29 on the 1 min chart