ES 09-28-16

Daily R1 at 60 and PP at 46.5. Coincidentally, those are also the locations of the 0.5 SD volatility bands (60 and 44.5), or the numbers that Bruce says are virtually guaranteed to hit during the day. Also both those numbers are just outside the current ONH and ONL too. I have started waiting until RTH open to being trading. I will post a bit once the market opens.
the platform is generic trader installed on desk top..i have window vista
DT has a video showing how to do screen captures. that should help you out

test this out..
Click image for original size
newkid thanks i dont know what those pink arrows came
gap in data..not trading test out post charts
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big lot buy at 54.50
Click image for original size
400 lot sell at 57.50
i sold the 58.50 cover at 57.50 to fast
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done for the day..