ES Monday 10-3-16

New month prep and numbers I'm watching .... a few statistics too....
No video below? Try this link: monday_prep.swf

oh yeah..and just for the record I lost 4.25 pts per contract on that pop up on the open on Fridays trade....this was more than I stated on Fridays thread.........and was also part of an overnight initiation....just wanted to clear that up and mention it because it was a big loss and unusual for me .... it happened too quick....I mention it to point out the danger of these overnight trades and also trading on the open in general.....
Thursday and friday with today unfolding...u can see the reason for most of my comments sucked today and were late...sorry
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going to look for long opportunities now...we retook the O/N low
for me I'm looking for longs above and shorts below the On low and OR range low and highs.....reason is ( and this is key) is that I know they will tag either that 47 area or up to 59 and I want to be a part of it I don't mind taking small losses to try for those targets now.....that 55 is the obvious problem on longside trades
as long as we are below the 55 and the OR low I am being more aggressive to the short side and my long attempts have so far been as of right now the market is showing signs of the downside.....naturally this can and probably will change...but wanted to point out that being under the 55, the OR low and the O/N low is a good filter BUT and this is a big BUT...the longer we consolidate then the more we are likely to have real break out or breakdown....and so far this is just back and forth garbage in general...and now gaps in the data at 52.25.....ugh !!!
big lot buy 47.50
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after the fact trade here..i got long at 48 and exit at 48.25..mess the trade up there was enough time to get in at 47.50 and exit at 48.50 but that how my day

newkid and bruce great charts this morning
big lot sell 300

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what a day i am having .try to sell the 51 dam should of would of sold the
hey do u know if these guys are just unwinding previous trades...?for example...perhaps a big lot sell order is just covering a previous buy order...I assume you can't tell when people are actually initiating .....( wouldn't that be great) .can you tell when the big buys or sells are being absorbed and you may not get your one point ???..I'd like to see what happens at 2155 again then maybe even take a late day long to try and get back up the midpoint and the close gap fill near 59....peak time is at S1 so that tells us once again that all us small frys are in the 50.25 - 51 holds the key from here
bruce i dont know at all if they are putting on position or unwinding..but it seems to move atleast one point 9 times out of seem to be working for me...nope cant tell when they are being absorbed..last big buy was at 52.50 then it went down to 51.50 then up to 53.75..
took gap and runner got 55 line again...If I had more on I would still be trying for the midpoint but this was a gap in data trade and higher risk.......wait...getting "yelled at here" wife got the gap and runner....damn......she caught me trying to steal her thunder...I'm in the dog house now ...LOL