ES Friday 10-7-16

a look at the coil on the daily chart...this is all session...I plan on making a video ( with real sound) post 8:30 reports and will edit this post but please don't let that stop others from posting all the cool charts and things we've been's all good to me... a very big move should be coming soon....this can't last forever....which way ? I have no idea

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I did not notice that until you pointed it out. That was a 5-min chart. I have Rithmic as my data. Maybe the data was skewed by a nanosecond or something and so shows up as gap?

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New Kid - you have gaps in your data where none exist on two different feeds...look at your Low on shows a gap...I don't have that on IB or more importantly my TOS data...what feed r u using?
well I thought this week in general sucked.....hard opening was perfect......opened and drove down to midpoint and gap in data.....can't ask for much more....and especially off our 58 - 59 they behaved...covering last at 52.50 and more trades.......good luck....I spent more time making a video then actually in trades today...not boasting I'm just saying that it feels good to get it over with and move on with life...

EDIT: one last thing...we knew we would hit either the pivot or the R1 based on where we opened and had a 96 % chance of getting one of those tagged...
gee, i missed that 58/59 train but got on a later one and still did good. it DOES feel good to being done early. happy friday and hope everyone has a great weekend. i am not sure if i will trade the shortened session on Monday or not. If not, see you on Tuesday
everybody have good weekend
big lot buy at 48.50
there the one at 49.50..great charts guys enjoy the weekend
just came back in for lunch...todays s2 goes well with weekly S1 at 39 and this is the VA low from tuesday...strange profile today ...I wouldn't be surprised to see some of these singles form the IB breakdown get erased...there's just too many and would expect a retest back to 42-43 area....just saying it and not playing it......
a great example of just passing through a bell curve center as if it wasn't there....then they come back up for the retest...hey , why didn't I trade that ...? Ok c ya..
a little late and after the fact now but still an example
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