ES Tuesday 10-18-16

I have 39 - 41 as an upper key zone...taking shorts at 39.25 now to try for the 36 -37 retest...that is the R1 and a low time spot from fridays trade....41 is a better area for shorts so I'm going in small in pre market trade...charts to follow

EDIT for charts :key areas from upper part of FRidays trade...Note how low time falls at the R1 level for today at 36 area

Click image for original size

stair step price action ( no chart shown ) from last tuesday comes in at 46 - 48 which goes well with the R2 today...that is our job today...figure out if it will be the R1 or R2 that prints...??

a few profiles to review...note how Fridays high ends up being near the split point between R1 and R2 today ( the 36 and 48 numbers)

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a quick 1 minute video to go over how overnight confirms areas I am watching with the profiles

No video below? Try this link: quick_and_short.swf

Enjoy those trees Bruce, is it pruning yr doing, or climbing for fun.....???? and again thanks for yr very informative posts , taken in with enthusiasm every time i get to be online...