ES Tuesday 10-25-16

working in the assumption that we will get a overnight midpoint test today AND that we don't gap and go higher without a close gap fill.....will edit this with a video soon for anyone interested

EDIT: JIng cut me big time and had real problems with it is how I saw it before that drop.........I'd like to lean short...key numbers today will be 37 and 42.50 - 44.50 zone ...I'd like to see the 37 tested today and video goes over some brief internal readings at the beginning as to why yesterdays rally may have been the time I made initial comments we were above both the 44.50 and the current overnight that first comment above isn't valid to me any more

No video below? Try this link: cutmeoff.swf

sold it off before the gap dam
so basically the first touch of the pivot brought in more aggressive buyers then second push above it as evidenced by the $ tick ...not perfect or infallable...but that is a divergence we would like to see play out to the downside and that 42.50
well u can't ask for much more if you hit the 37.......who knows from here? nobody should really care...c ya tomorrow...s2 is at that 36 - 38 needs to be on your radar and be watched closely if u r still at it...good luck