ES Tuesday 10-25-16

working in the assumption that we will get a overnight midpoint test today AND that we don't gap and go higher without a close gap fill.....will edit this with a video soon for anyone interested

EDIT: JIng cut me big time and had real problems with it is how I saw it before that drop.........I'd like to lean short...key numbers today will be 37 and 42.50 - 44.50 zone ...I'd like to see the 37 tested today and video goes over some brief internal readings at the beginning as to why yesterdays rally may have been the time I made initial comments we were above both the 44.50 and the current overnight that first comment above isn't valid to me any more

No video below? Try this link: cutmeoff.swf

always interested bruce
just listened to the video you posted late yesterday, thanks for that, very informative...
thanks Duck...I think today it is dangerous and we need to be careful as faders due to yesterdays small range and bell shaped profile.......I think my plan is to focus ONLY on the 42.50 - 44 and look for sells.......and stay off the buy side this morning
oh yeah...Corey has some nice basic concepts ......lots of classic training he has which he mostly received from Lynda Raschke who has classic technical roots...
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just listened to the video you posted late yesterday, thanks for that, very informative...
yesterdays low has a gap right at the low so any shorts of mine are trying for 40.50 as a first target
here is gap on the low
Click image for original size
I'm expecting yet another test of 42.50 but require price to poke to 44.50 in order to look for that trade...otherwise that retest will happen without me
a close up of what is happening at 42.50...look at multiple one minute lows and also POC is now there
Click image for original size
42 50
i got a gap in data at 46.have my sell there
$tick didn't make new highs on push above pivot point here....let see if we can catch some sellers above that but lets not be stupid either.......this is SLOW trade and we already failed on one side of a bell curve so some might be pushing to see if they can get to the other Dalton theory....for me I am still sticking to short side bias
well u can't ask for much more if you hit the 37.......who knows from here? nobody should really care...c ya tomorrow...s2 is at that 36 - 38 needs to be on your radar and be watched closely if u r still at it...good luck