ES Monday 10-31-16

magnet price for me is currently the gap close and high time price at 2124 from Fridays trade and is also the daily pivot...first resistance point is the 27 - 28.50 in early trade for me and ideal first area to look for are other areas
No video below? Try this link: 10-31-16.swf

two divergences between $tick and price....The first one isn't as clear as we popped up into the 2124 pivot only because there was no volume component to be seen...the second one as we pushed into the one minute POC from Friday at 20.25 is a better example because there was a volume spike on the way down to test it, then the volume dries up and no more aggressive sellers as is evidenced by the higher $tick reading on the lows...

Remember , the ideal trades will happen with a volume event into or slightly before a key number , then some dry up in volume as the $tick is diverging
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sorry for the crude charts but done on my laptop which seems to be dying a slow death....hopefully u can see these on your own data........we don't take these trades or initiate in just any old place.....