Es Tuesday 11-15-16

Trading for 64 retests from above in pre session....chart / video to follow.

EDIT: Lines I'm looking at today...using less contracts today in general because of concern that the two days that are inside of Thursdays range could POSSIBLY bring in breakout traders ...ideal short trades will get below the 64 and try to target the pivot number but for me I will use the overnight swing low at 61.50 if given a chance to take that target
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trading for overnight midpoint test in RTH...that 64 is critical and is dividing line to determine if we will test the Pivot or the R1 today
so far I don't get the feeling that there is enough volume for a breakout higher so my plan is to still sell the rallies
on my data midpoint has NOT been hit so far and has missed by one lows will test midpoint
runners trying for 61.50 and calling it a day....I will not resell higher anymore...I will just take stop out on runners and stop trading....that 64 may be a real tough spot and I only used that as a target as I know many will be interested in that area
so far I see no follow through on volume when we broke yd's highs........odds favor a retest back into 66 I am tempted up here but will keep it small as this would be outside my plan for today....look at matching one minute lows at 66 area and that is OR high this rally is suspicious and seems to be weak
why I'm thinking about that 66...note those swing lows and where OR high is...
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ES just not following NQ on its run- i scalped 12 points out of NQ on playing overbought on the bollinger bands-
ES looks like it is stuck in slow motion-
BRUCE looks really weak as you said- if we break should see 59s
so very well manipulated today....I'm holding two will try for 64 retest and then next will try for that 61.50.......more aggressive traders will be thinking about the r2 or the pivot number....expecting two Floor numbers to print will it be 76 or down into the 60 area ??? Volume seems to say we will revert down but that can mess with your head....we'll see
I agree....and it;s still just us small frys playing against each other
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BRUCE looks really weak as you said- if we break should see 59s
Today I shorted NQ +25 points then long +20 for a total of 45 points - I usually don't trade NQ but it was the more active today early on. I missed the ES long because I had to get my daughter from school, so though it was slow I would have made a very good trading day .