Es Tuesday 11-15-16

Trading for 64 retests from above in pre session....chart / video to follow.

EDIT: Lines I'm looking at today...using less contracts today in general because of concern that the two days that are inside of Thursdays range could POSSIBLY bring in breakout traders ...ideal short trades will get below the 64 and try to target the pivot number but for me I will use the overnight swing low at 61.50 if given a chance to take that target
No video below? Try this link: tuesday.swf

I'd like them to keep this inside YD's high now......
My only caution is we haven't pulled in from a gap higher- we could over lunch but I am thinking we outside IB and haven't pulled back which shows bulls in control- just volume not backing it up
long some NQ 4758
ES pushing higher here now- I think short is wrong
they haven't convinced me yet....still no volume coming in above YD's highs...back to 66.25 I think again...poc for today and magnet
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ES pushing higher here now- I think short is wrong
Volume not there but if we having no volume and the bears can't shake us then that tilt me bullish- also never short a dull market - and today is definitely dull lol
at one point do R1 traders stop selling against it ? I ask this question to myself as a fader...only so many times we can have this idea work and either really get the down move or we all collectively bail ( almost at the same time ) and propel price on a nice upward spike towards the 72.50...
ES trying for HOD
just so weak though but doesn't take much to move us with this light volume
new HOD- lets see what happens now
Today I shorted NQ +25 points then long +20 for a total of 45 points - I usually don't trade NQ but it was the more active today early on. I missed the ES long because I had to get my daughter from school, so though it was slow I would have made a very good trading day .