ES Wednesday 11-16-16

Hitting into key support at 67 - 69 ...working on a video now........keep in mind gaps in data sit BELOW this zone...upper zone to watch will be 74 - 76...we may need to fill in low time area from Yesterday between these two migration of POC yesterday...see video when posted for some volume work and ideas today too

edit :with key volume spikes and context ideas

No video below? Try this link: wednesday.swf

still would like to have runner get the overnight low but same concern exists and that is " how much time is considered enough before a low time spot is filled in and a move away from that happens ?" the answer to that always seems so random and usually eludes me!!!!
stopped dang was up +20
reshort 4775
we have a poor low in the market...for me I need to see price get back under 74 and consolidate UNDER there before thinking of short one last time...hoping to see something and then try to target 71.50 again and then if real lucky we will get the sell off to overnight low and the Floor number....till then I am not doing anything up here and longs will have their way without me on board
there you go BRUCE!!!- 71.50
range tight like yesterday
yes, I have two runners but stop is at 75.50....for me all opportunity is really out of the market now......odds still favor the retest of O/N lows but the volume is garbage again....just not worth initiating anything else...these runners will either get that low and then one will try for the gaps in the data at lower prices or get stopped.......not babysitting this today and certainly wouldn't be surprised to see yet another test of 74 but would prefer to just get the sell off......which probably means the market will go
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there you go BRUCE!!!- 71.50
I'd also prefer it if YM wasn't trying to lead lower as Nq is battling yesterdays we are all confused ...hence the range bound price action
hye..what happened to Duck...did he make a fortune and retire to the beach??
yep markets are not in sync - same as yesterday
I should have been more clear...gaps in the data like those on today's video tend to fill faster then close to open gaps that can be seen easier on the charts by most people.......but I have no specific stats on how long gaps in the data take to guesstimate is 2- 3 days.....
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dip would be to the 59 area- another scenario would be overnight to hit 81 and we head lower again tomorrow- that would put in a nice intermediate top -- yep I know gaps have to be filled but some gaps can be there for a long time-

i will post tomorrow before the open my game plan so you can see what I look at and trade around