ES Thursday 11-17-16

tight overnight range- NQ looking strong again vs ES
market looks like its going into holiday mode
if we get back to highs- 85 /6 would be target
2182.25 resistance- lets see if they hit before lunch then get a pullback in lunch to launch higher into the 85
there is 821.25
well palmer u called the 85 yesterday.......very nice call as we are at 84 for a high...really great ! they see that overnight high from yesterday.....seems like some are getting out in front which would be smart......I only got to the 76.25 target and runners got clipped......that was OR high and YD's high and R1.....they aren't allowed to blow through those without a retest...hence my trade idea.......sometimes they get lucky and don't come back but that usually happens later in the day ...if volume doesn't flow in then I would expect another test of 78 but that is just an idea and not trading now......... .
yep I have a short @85 but seem they front runner that resistance- i am leaving it though
idea would be to short 85 and scale 82.25 and target 78.. i dont think we trade below 76 today again
84.75 that might be it
short 85 - 2 point stop-
NQ looks like the better short 4822- but i am small
out all ES+1.75, NQ stops 4825