ES Thursday 11-17-16

tight overnight range- NQ looking strong again vs ES
I see really nothing except I'm thinking of using 74 as the magnet price in early trade.....low range and it seems there are speakers and other crap on the docket today...YD another close in the center so floor numbers go with the close and the highs and lows......
it simple today but not easy....failure at yesterdays highs or lows will drive back to the one minute poc of 72.25.......using this information may prove difficult
faders would need to be careful because opening one minute bar is NOT the highest volume bar that reduces somewhat the return to the OR high concept....I'm watching the obvious 78 - 80 area for clues.....
78 is now any selling above that off R2 up here needs to watch that number
they blew through YD highs and left air so if we do get a good short then 76.25 needs to be secondary target...but lets worry about that 78 first
waiting for 82 to short
wll only go 1/2
NQ looking close to 4810-12 for short
hear comes the 2181 I thought we would hit overnight
hoping with this low volume we can revert back to that 76.25 still......very light day for me...kinda sidetracked this morning
out all ES+1.75, NQ stops 4825