ES Friday 11-18-16

Trading for an 84 retest in RTH and early....that's all I have ...using an 86 and 89 as zone to sell from
81.50 would be secondary target if trying to hold runners
so what will it be the R1 or the pivot.......? u decide and trade to it...for me it's hopefully the pivot line sunk yesterday as market was going up...implies that only a few stocks where lifting the market up......hopefully enough weakness to roll to the pivot at 81 area
short but no gain yet- shorted 84 rrrrrg
2 point stop
hate trading opex days
feel like shorting is wrong - shouldn't have traded today- opex days never my day
only thing keeping me in - higher frame divergence
there we go - geez- scaled 81
stop to 83 on the rest - no lose trade now
OUT 79 !!!
Hey Bruce,
When you get done with the well, make a wish for us to see if the Holly Grail trading method is down there...You don't need it we do... HA HA