ES 11-22-16

trading for tests of YD highs in overnight ...charts/ vid to follow

edit...this is more about context in reference to yesterdays incomplete bell curve......I think that need to fill in a bit today and it looks like yesterday was more of a struggle to go higher
No video below? Try this link: Tuesday.swf

so based on the study mentioned at end of video then the high or low from yesterday is only broken 25 % of the time at some point after noon times E.S.T...I'll find study and post a link to it later
I'm trading as if there is a magnet at 94.....ahead of high volume at 93.50.....98 is R1 today...pivot point falls right in low time area at 91.50
new plan due to open is to trade for 98 retest in rth ...not afraid tobe short
highest volume one minute bar was open bar not surprising to see these multiple tests of that before they move it away...hopefully to YD high and the 94 number
glad to see posting bruce..been on vacation for two weeks miss all the fire works

small 1st 30 min range..i think it going to have a false break.i be on the break of 2 nd time ..3 point risk..hope it breaks upside 1 st..
thanks Duck...hope u had fun......always suspicious to me when neither NQ, YM and ES have not tested previous days high with such low volume
holding one for that 94....hope all enjoy the break from the markets..almost on schedule today and have no plans for active trade or management ...they hit YD high a bit early then 11 now lets see if this measly runner can do anything...stop is at 99.50 as i don't want to watch this
Nice link Bruce, very informative. Thanks
yeah..I think they may help some who may think about trading outside of morning hours......if these stats are true then it would be foolish to hold for a previous days high or low break after noon....especially if that break only happens 25 % of the least that's the way I would look at it......lots of people doing great stuff with stats out there....this was one I thought might help......
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Nice link Bruce, very informative. Thanks
Just a quick question,, whats the symbol for the index that the nq is based on.. when I looked there are about 10 different NAsdaq indexes... cant figure out which one i need...anyone help me on this????
hey where'd you all go... did ya all make a quick hit on the markets and done a runner!!!!! lol