ES 5-11-17

here's what I see today volume closely if we happen to break out hard to downside with low ticks, high volume and low breadth....we don't want to get stuck when volatility picks up and bigger traders will happen and probably soon...we don't want to be stuck the wrong way
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here's what I did with the options on that drop for those interested in my option trades.
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awesome!!! thanks for the update
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gap in the data at 90 even.. so if you think that value is lower then yesterday ( which it is) and this one time framing higher has to stop at some point then taking shorts at the 93 -95 area is a good idea I think

gheesh...had to get that gap point posted correctly!!

u look for an intraday gap too. i see the chart is is on 1 min time frame. is that the time frame u look for a gap? thanks for your reply. Also I am developing more confidence with your videos. Thanks for all the hard work
yes...that gap is one minute time usually strives for some kind of efficiency and gaps in data are not efficient! so these gaps are from the close of one bar to the open of the next. As usual u have to keep things in context