ES 5-11-17

here's what I see today volume closely if we happen to break out hard to downside with low ticks, high volume and low breadth....we don't want to get stuck when volatility picks up and bigger traders will happen and probably soon...we don't want to be stuck the wrong way
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don't try this at home.....some stressful babble...I'll clean it up once this trade is comfortable for me...have a good laugh
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86.75 is first 30 minute VPOC on my data...runners will try for 86.25...concern we may still roll over into 77 - 79 and will try to make a new video in a minute...only runners now
revising final target to 86 even
runners stopped at 82.50...trying last longs in the 77 - 79.50 zone...will get to a video on that in a minute....poor quality posts of mine when things don't go as planned and we trend...
my runners are concerned with that poor low in the zone but also think that we may need to eventually get back up to 2386 - covers too much ground and may be confusing to some........brief explanation of the ledge.......and other various rambles......this market need to firm up in the 83 - 85 zone in order for bulls to take back some control and have any chance at further upside targets....otherwise we need to think that it might be possible to go to last weeks low down at 2375 area...we'll see...some subtle signs that bigger traders aren't in here now but they can fool us some days........jing cut me off for talking too much
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coming out heavy at the 84 swing high and leaving only one runner on to see if they can go poke that 86....please let me know if there are any questions...tried to cover lots of ground today and my stressful video should probably not have been posted. Hopefully people are seeing the concepts and not so much my individual all comes down to finding the areas to trade from and thinking about structure and a few probabilities.....I think the 30 minute vpoc is about 87 % based on some work NEWKID did
here's what I did with the options on that drop for those interested in my option trades.
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the weekly idea warning !!!!

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here's what I did with the options on that drop for those interested in my option trades.
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gap in the data at 90 even.. so if you think that value is lower then yesterday ( which it is) and this one time framing higher has to stop at some point then taking shorts at the 93 -95 area is a good idea I think
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gheesh...had to get that gap point posted correctly!!
yes...that gap is one minute time usually strives for some kind of efficiency and gaps in data are not efficient! so these gaps are from the close of one bar to the open of the next. As usual u have to keep things in context