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ES 6-2-17

how I see it....thinking weekly option sellers will try to protect anything near the 2434 - 2435 area...see video and reference to tuesdays standard deviation
No video below? Try this link: fridayjune.swf

starting first rth shorts at overnight midpoint with bigger plan to add up into 2435 if it comes that high
first target will be YD's highs and second will be the overnight low
taking something at two targets are 26.75 and more initiations for me today...nice how options players have helped out us faders least so far ...once again if we know the overnight high or low gets hit 95 % of the time then the midpoint is the natural dividing line.....we also know that SOME floor trader number will print 95 % of the time will it be that R1 above or the pivot down near 2424...? Hoping it's the Pivot number
taking something at the 27 print and one runner left...some are conditioned to buy or sell near ANY single print so I want to get out just a bit in front of that
It coincided with YM VPOC at 21125 being hit...and the bounce.

Originally posted by BruceM

taking something at the 27 print and one runner left...some are conditioned to buy or sell near ANY single print so I want to get out just a bit in front of that
current options pricing shows only a 16 % chance they can close it over 2440 in ES selling up here for those who are sticking around on a friday is still the way to go in my opinion ...I'm expecting at least the 2434 area to get retested but I must add that I am no longer trading and have been out since 11 a.m
YM leading .34 percent up to ES .24 percent up
36 is line to beat now that vpoc and R1 is if u got the short up near he 39 then I would take something out of this...just pointing it out...34.50 is low time area and single near there
gap in the data at 36.25 if anyone finds a signal up near daily highs
for reference when I mention probabilities and the options pricing I am always referring to 4pm closing prices....what I thought was interesting is that they hit 2439.75 and sold off....I mentioned the 2340 number earlier BUT I also mention the 2434 - 35 number this morning on the video I wonder if these options writers sold short to keep price away from that area ( the 2434 - 35 area) and then they unwound their options trades on the drop because of friday expiration then when that is done the market has he ability to rally. All these things are interesting but I'm not really one to try to explain "why" something happened after the fact. I'm more concerned with the reactions at the predefined levels and don't often think about these other things too much .."P" profile to close out the week and some sloppy action on Thursdays trend day....I still expect 2417 to get some more tpo's down there but it will have to wait till next week
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