ES 6-8-17

Here is how I see it and why that 2428.25 may be on their radar this morning
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edit : keep in mind that if they push out the weekly high of last week then we go right up against R2 today
best fill for me is 31.75 and I'm gonna try runners to see if they want that 28 area but will put target at 28.50
runners got stopped....I will try one more try on shorts and that will be near overnight high or if we test YD's POC again down at 31.50...sells near On high are much riskier as we have already tested YD's poc and would be leaving a buying tail off that....also all those poor highs I mentioned etc
a very cool day if I might say......that 28.25 gap was so very cool....we may need to add a new trade into our arsenal but this might require some study and that is this :

1) What happens after they fill in a gap in the data on the same day ?
2) what happens when they fill a gap in the data from the previous day or some other day ?

right now a gap in the data at 2433.25 so i would and am expecting that to be retested in todays day session and am taking small longs now to target up there near the vpoc too
jabbering idiot as I try to explain why I resold the poc from yesterday and some ramble about these gaps in the data
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What you consider babbling we consider expert opinion.

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I don't have that gap on my is rollover too so I'd be careful now that it is after lunchtime......anyway my TOS data doesn't confirm yours aladin......don't know which is right
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