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ES Monday 6-19-17

keeping it to the short side from the 39.50 as first key area to see if they will go for a 36.50 test...working on a video....42- 43.50 is next zone above

edit : here are lines I am watching ...even if you don't enjoy my ramble you may get something from my brief options idea in the last minute or so...It's nothing new really but goes on about the spx weekly options and how we now have Monday, wednesday and friday expirations..and when we seem to be having the real trend days......we are currently up one SD off fridays 4 pm close so it will make for an interesting open....I'd like to see option sellers protect calls and drive it back to at least 2436.50.....

Keep in mind though that last week was an inside week too !!
No video below? Try this link: Monday.swf

a visual look as to why I covered...especially with what the YM was hitting into....that low volume/ vwap combo area
No video below? Try this link: why.swf

this is very interesting because anything over 16 points higher on the ES off Fridays 4 pm close puts us 1 sd off this Wednesdays options and 21 points up put us one sd off this Fridays options......bottom line is I think we should be selling options up here....selling calls or buying puts........but in fairness if we close above 2439 today then all those who sold one standard deviation calls off of last Friday that expire today will have lost this certainly isn't perfect...

2451 was one standard deviation off the Friday weekly option and is the high of the day so far......
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