ES Tuesday 6-27-17

Numbers I am working from..I am more bullish then bearish especially in the 2430 - 2432 zone.....It seems to me the magnet will be back to 2438 - 2439...options traders now have one standard deviation priced in as 12 points from now until Wednesdays close.....we can split that and use 6 points for today as a crude calculation to look for confluence with our more important lines on the chart

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fly in the ointment idea
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I added another video about destination trade players and a caution if fading this to the long side this morning
starting small longs at 32.50 in overnight but My bigger plan is to trade longside near the 2430 area
Good work Bruce.. Also add we have a two days of O/N low down at 30.00, so I am thinking this will be a safety net for your buying area of 30-32
due to add ons my initial target is 32.50 ,,,not convinced destination players won't push to 28 so this is all relatively light in case I need to work the 27 - 28
still trying to get OR low as first target...not making it easy here
took 32.50 but my Ib data is once again off and that trade should have been partially covered earlier as OR low is 32.25 and not 32.50...runners trying for 34 and then finals will try for 38.....wishful thinking I think but the 34 is doable... a test of YD's lows again !
I'm leaving one contract on to see if I can get 37.50...just shy of the 38 back to 30.50 will stop this out....a good day and they played it fairly well according to script.........either way it's basically over for me...will not micro manage this last one and buyers want this to get above YD's range and begin to hold...otherwise sellers still have a chance at the 27 - 28....hope all have a good day if u stay and play...if they are to roll it back then the test of YD's low is the place they would try to do it from
Thanks Bruce, good stuff. I actually held for a runner and got out at 36.50... first exit was 32.50. Another great day and I'm done!
Great call today.
thanks...I covered last at 36 even.......just can't hold any longer and need to go run some errands......lucky break today as it missed my runner stop by 2 tics before the take off to 37 ...
here is how I played will notice that I sold less contract on this trade because it was a put sale and we all know markets can drop faster then they with calls I will do 20 but puts only 10 contracts
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