ES Tuesday 6-27-17

Numbers I am working from..I am more bullish then bearish especially in the 2430 - 2432 zone.....It seems to me the magnet will be back to 2438 - 2439...options traders now have one standard deviation priced in as 12 points from now until Wednesdays close.....we can split that and use 6 points for today as a crude calculation to look for confluence with our more important lines on the chart

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fly in the ointment idea
No video below? Try this link: fly_in_the_oinment.swf

just noticed this over lunch...they just blew through the POC at 2427...odds favor a retest of that so I f u can find a lunchtime long then that would be a great target..anything off the 20 - 23.50 area would be a good possible place to see buyers step in if they are gonna make it happen
it will certainly be interesting to see if the one SD options players can step in here to at least drive it back to 2427
here is how I played will notice that I sold less contract on this trade because it was a put sale and we all know markets can drop faster then they with calls I will do 20 but puts only 10 contracts
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