ES Thursday 7-6-17

only two areas of interest for me this morning and that is 2417.50- 2420 and 2425.50 - 2426.50 ....failure at lower zone targets the 2412 area and if upper zone gives way then 2429.50 and 2433 are magnets
Hello Bruce and all... Numbers I'm looking at today.. Price is trading around 21.00. I have S1 at 20.75 and yesterday's low at 19.25. I would be interested in longs in this area. To the upside I have volume VA Low at 25.75, and the pivot at 26.50
I'm using 2422 as a first target as I see a low time spot if long be careful there
I have a small position on at long 20.25 at the moment, am leaning on yesterday's low to hold...
Pulled off first position at... drum roll 22, and I'm glad I did as I'm back to starting point
A quick shot of the low time from yesterday profile as per my TOS charts.....( I put a red arrow there )..and that is the reason for my concern with that if I can see price firm up in 2412 - 2414 area I will look for one more long side trade to try and get back to 2416 and then if lucky yesterdays lows
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I didn't get to post this YD...calls I sold yesterday...and I messed this up as it was suppose to be 20 contracts but I goofed it........puts sold only get 15 contracts but with calls it should have been 20
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they already took back the 2416 and I missed that long...I have one spot I missed and that is the 2410 - 2412,,,,,,meaning I should have put more focus on that so will try longs down here now....and keeping it small....I really want to wait till monday to get back into being more aggressive......the 2414 should have been eliminated and If you look at 6- 29 chart you will see why I like this spot for long try
13.25 will be first target that is S2 today
ultimate goal is to get back into the 2416 area if lucky and that will be it for me
We had about a 10 pt move in about 40 mins... now that we have bounced off the lows I am looking for a potential long at 12.50 area to see if we can get tot he upside....
Ok with that little upmove I'm out at 14.50... Not sure if Im trading the rest of the day, but I've locked it in so prob not