ES Thursday 7-6-17

only two areas of interest for me this morning and that is 2417.50- 2420 and 2425.50 - 2426.50 ....failure at lower zone targets the 2412 area and if upper zone gives way then 2429.50 and 2433 are magnets
last post for me is the bulk of time from last Thursday to help explain my comments above about the 2410 - 2412 area...16.75 is first 30 minute vpoc today and we have those swing lows at 2418.50 area that may need testing from underneath

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bulk001 this really is my last post until next Monday and I won't be trading tomorrow....calls I just covered...slow and steady wins the race
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Ok with that little upmove I'm out at 14.50... Not sure if Im trading the rest of the day, but I've locked it in so prob not