ES Friday 7-14-17

This market may rally to the moon but I am not comfortable with long side trades , 46 - 48.50 is still key zone as per video and then that all time high up at 51 area...If short near the 48 area then I would use 45.25 - 46 as a first goes over more....failure to cover calls Yd has made them go negative on me but I have a week to expiration....structure seems weak to me and does not seem to be attracting strong buying up here even though they may push the new highs I am suspicious of is last day that we can get the weekly retest probability and it seems that will fail us this is how I see the rest
No video below? Try this link: Friday.swf

EDIT: Forgot to mention that volume on Thursday was less than Wednesday
back to the 46 and midpoint so if you got the short on then take at least something off here

edit : I don't mean to sound like I'm telling anyone how to many ways these are the same conversations I have in my own head......just typed out to the forum !
runners for me today will try for 2443...that is right near YD's midpoint of day session and Time va low....and slightly ABOVE the low of the overnight
$ticks showing some strength ( no zero prints) so I'd be very selective If you are looking to resell above the overnight highs if it prints
I sold 2450 because it was a key number with a bigger plan to sell the new highs if they come...I consider this higher risk because of the $ticks...YM may need to push to 21529 before we see any reaction...hopefully Es will be at the new highs at that time
spx just pushed over 2450 so we are key number on that too
47.50 is my target on all of these new short ideas
we have a weekly high there so multiple tpo's should in theory print there...we have had one so far today
revising target to 47.75
first test of zero ticks so we'll see if Linda Raschke buyers show up
scaling heavy at target...another example of how when one zone fails....(see post one above about the 46 - 48.50 zone) then we can use that as a target and expect retraces back to it
and when is it gonna stop raining in VT ?? Didn't really want to be trading on a friday late......where the hell is summer.......Long Island had lots of beaches !! ..ah really is wasted on the young !!
have fun with this one