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Lots of 7's for mondays date so we are gonna be lucky....these are pdf's from the balance user course which was out long before I had seen any work on Volume profile. Long before FT71 and all the others . I consider this guy Frank Butera one of the grandfathers of all this stuff and the concepts had a big influence on me. I advise printing these two out and you will see where many of my ideas are derived from when it comes to these bell curves. This is the original material that I saw and it has no copyright so hopefully no trouble will come. Enjoy and THINK about these ideas , especially if you have listened to me ramble about bell curves.
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a must have visual to study
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yes but that you can only see after the fact or after a few time periods pass during the day...I try to make most of my money ( and have higher win percent ) during the first 3 periods of the day and it is very hard to "get onboard" trends early as Dalton seems to suggest....these trends look good after the day ends but I know very few who actually make money with them and can ride them would also require you to sit in front of the computer the entire day to keep monitoring for continuation ...and that I suggest for no one !!
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just saw this. first l would like to thank you for replying to my message. trend day is one time framing higher lows , higher highs?
due to add on's I'm trying for 56.25 as a first target now.....slow day and in the back of my mind is the fact that only 15 % of the time we make inside it certainly is possible for them to get outside Fridays highs and achieve the 85 % probability of breaching a previous days high or low if we open inside the previous days range.....bottom line is that I don't want to be foolish in the low volume either and be too blinded by my short bias
some rambling about bell curves, conflicts and probabilities of inside is my opinion that most fail at day trading because they think ( and are taught) that they should be two types of traders.......we are taught to fade when conditions exists and to get on board trends when conditions exists......I'm really only one type of trader and that is a fader at extremes, I do not ride trends and take breakouts etc.....on those days I take small losses or have small gains.....I find it too difficult to mentally switch gears as some would suggest... to go from fading to a trend mentality seems very difficult ...I cannot do it and if u can then more power to ya !! I think it's better to concentrate my focus on being only one type of trader and learn to lose when the trend traders appear ( the 2- 4 times a month that they show up)....that's my speech for today and have seen too many get frustrated on "missing out" on days that really move and trend....I say "F_ck it , I'll give them that today ( the trend day) and loan them some money in losses but I want to remain consistent as a trader" ...I suggest most try to do them same.
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thanks. i have never been able to say if its a trend day or not until the end of the day. thanks
If you believe in gaps in the data and if you think that the weakness in the YM will spill over then you can target 56.75 on short trade ideas as that is where the gap is...for me I am just letting my options do there thing and not going up too far will be a good thing and a rollover down would even be better
thanks a lot