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ES Monday 7-17-17 Get it while you can

Lots of 7's for mondays date so we are gonna be lucky....these are pdf's from the balance user course which was out long before I had seen any work on Volume profile. Long before FT71 and all the others . I consider this guy Frank Butera one of the grandfathers of all this stuff and the concepts had a big influence on me. I advise printing these two out and you will see where many of my ideas are derived from when it comes to these bell curves. This is the original material that I saw and it has no copyright so hopefully no trouble will come. Enjoy and THINK about these ideas , especially if you have listened to me ramble about bell curves.
Click link to access uploaded file:

a must have visual to study
Click link to access uploaded file:
thanks a lot. The issue i have is how to recognize that its going to be a trend day.
Any insights?
first question would be: How do you define a trend day ?
Originally posted by Padmaja

thanks a lot. The issue i have is how to recognize that its going to be a trend day.
Any insights?
trend day as per open trader....these always are easy to spot after the day is over
GREAT stuff, thanks Bruce for sharing all you do!!
u r welcome...hope all these things stimulate ideas and help folks visualize good ways to trade the market !
Originally posted by nolt

GREAT stuff, thanks Bruce for sharing all you do!!
How I have the numbers today...keep in mind we will open in between the WEEKLY R1 up at 2475 and WEEkly Pivot at money is all going to short side and video goes over volume and structure clues that is leading me that way....I still have calls sold from Friday too.....49 - 51 is key line sellers will have to bust through to get us on track for that 2442. Two distinct bell curve centers on Friday and we may need to fill in some time in between those so watch the 49.50 center and the 56.50 center

No video below? Try this link: basic_area_and_volume.swf

Thanks for the new info Bruce and all your posts!
u r welcome Mr G ! My plan is to start RTh shorts near 58 to try and go get that Line on my chart at 55.75....we know they will get either the R1 up at 63.50 and / or the pivot number at 54 today
55.75 is first 30 minute Vpoc
just saw this. first l would like to thank you for replying to my message. trend day is one time framing higher lows , higher highs?
thanks a lot
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