ES Friday 7-21-17

Plan is to look for longs as I type under 67 swing low with 69 as a first general 64 - 66 is still a support zone due to bell curve on Wednesday....plan is to also take breaks of first 10 minute range today as experimental are the areas as I see them
No video below? Try this link: Friday.swf

edit : the swing low is at 67.75 and single prints start there...sorry but will leave this post as want to look at longs under that swing...not the 67 price
seems like I am done for today....I don't like how they keep coming back and forth through yd's low and that overnight buyers and sellers really battling there.....It's friday and they should get at least a whopping 10 point range but I have no clue and it is probably wiser now to wait to see what happens at the Ib highs or lows...a break from the high can add 10 points to current low...ab reak from the low subtracts 10 points from the current much I'd like to see that 61.25 print I need to realize that maybe it's just not gonna happen other words I don't want to let myself get blindsided by what I think should happen......The trade idea worked as they at least made an attempt to go for the 61.25 and the options sold made money...that is all that really counts...It's ok with me to take profits and not expect perfection from these markets.....that's why it's always a good idea to come out in front of key areas if you can and your work supports it.......