ES 8-15-17

Trading for a retest of 2467.75 from 2470 and higher ...key resistance today will be 2472.50 - 2475. That includes key price points and daily floor number and the weekly upside would be 2479 - 2481...that is key poc and a one SD move on the weekly...On downside I have 2464 - 2466.50 ( hence my reason to get out in front of that and overnight midpoint is nearby)..will get a chart up but in a trade now

EDIT:that was quick...but not surprising as yesterday was a challenge.....they should play better today in general....and open and push up in RTH will suck in buyers thinking today will repeat yesterday...they rarely do that...especially on the upside

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EDIT 2: yesterday was the "P" profile which can often mean just a short covering rally so I think we may need to test back down to our 56 and 59 - 60 area would be nice if it was today

here is how my charts and lines look without the overnight....note the bell curve from last wednesday and that 69.50

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need to see if they can hold above the VA high from last wednesday at 69.50...that was reason I will try shorts up there , hopefully multiple times today and then use the overnight midpoint as a first target
on second short and market hasn't even midpoint test yesterday of Sundays overnight....will they fail to test midpoints two days in a row? again the shorts are going on above that 69.50 and target down into that 67.75 ...R1 is at 69 for confluence with the 69.50
flat at 65.75...that is VA high from yesterday and I am taking my time back today
gonna try one more small short in hopes that Overnight low can be run out ...looking for weak pushes with volume outside of YD's highs....keeping this very small and this is last day trade today
any shorts now will try for 64.50 ..ahead of close from YD and offical favorite chart has big time there
then in theory runners will try for O/N low.....wishful thinking perhaps
boom....we're killing them today
I'l leave u with favorite chart and why I chose to scale heavy there...just in case.......runners will try for O/N low but that may be a tough hold
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Will be short tonight below 2460, looking for 2452 swing high, 6/19
how will you manage this if it fills in overnight ? Do u use contingent orders and where will the stop be ? Good luck, hope it drops like a rock 4 ya
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Will be short tonight below 2460, looking for 2452 swing high, 6/19