ES 8-16-17

I'm trading for the overnight midpoint again today from 69.50 and higher ...I have broken down and refined my areas a bit from yesterday but in general we have a range of prices that extends from 2472 - 2475 as the key upper zone ( yesterday I think I had it incorrect at 73 - 75 ) with the 69.50 as a value area high...we also have a two day balance so shorts will have to get under that ( 68.50 - 69.50 ) and start pushing towards the 2464 magnet...will start small in On session and will watch O/N high closely today are my lines
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an how can we forget the King - 40 years ago today....I was on vacation with my parents in California.......Luckily for me THEY are both still alive and my mom is the same age as Elvis would have been...she reminds me of that and was the one that turned me on to him...

This is a classic !!!!
R2 today came in right at 72.50...real close to monthly poc and this is our key zone now.....only sells for me in here...I'd rather be wrong then long up here
revised day trade targets are now at 2470.25 and sure would like it to get back under the Ib high...the sooner the better
a good day trading day but man, those calls are underwater !!
an options trade I took today and just closed to ease the pain of the other calls that are losing
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Missed your question Bruce sorry. No night owl here that's for sure. I put on a bracket order to get stopped in at my price (59.75). Target was set at 51.75 limit, and stop set at 66.75.
No managing, either I'm a loser, winner or when I wake up it's somewhere in between. IF I get stopped in.LOL I've found there is nearly always a lower low made on the daily chart every week that's good for some $$. If there is no lower low, I don't get picked up. No stats on it, I wish I could have a way to do the numbers easily but I'm more visual.
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big mike...I left a message for ya on the end of YD's thread...basically wondering how you manage trades done in overnight.....not sure if you are a night owl or use automated contingent orders