ES Tuesday 9-5-2017

86 % chance we print either 2463 or 2489 on SPX this week,,,,my money will be towards the 2463....plan is to roll calls again to bring in cash are basic zones in video form and I will edit and add a hard copy for those interested...file says Monday but meant to name it Tuesday......I do know what day it is !
No video below? Try this link: Monday.swf

outside of the overnight highs and lows these are really my key zones as we start this week.....
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86 % up mark is 2489 NOT 2499 as mentioned on video!!!
getting back to reality - 2 key things from day trading today if we eliminate Mondays session due to the fact that the cash wasn't opened yesterday

1) Multiple tpo's at last weeks Va high

2) we went at least 4 points below today's opening as per our filter which expects at least that given that last weeks POC was under the opening price

I did only one day trade today and my posts above paints a good picture as to why I couldn't day trade more .....just too busy with those options !!
anything under 2449 cash is one standard deviation off the selling OTM puts may be a good play for some
here's how I did them today....much easier then that call campaign.....!!!
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