ES Thursday 9-14-17

here's how I see it...key zone for possible support is 2485 - 2487.50...then watch overnight volume spike at 90.50...longs will need to get and hold above that in early careful as we have lots of possible clues that buyers are tired even though we have a poor high on top.....lots of things below that need's what I see ...jing cut me I guess I talked too much....
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here is the weekly...I think this gives the zones well enough
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my option trades...I just covered the spy 250's but my concern is the 249's that I averaged into on plan is to roll these out in time if I don't get the rollover by weeks end....average in price on those is .43 ...I have not been very active with options this week but I was also much heavier on calls sold then usual
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spx is 1/2 sd down.....and has broken yd's low but is now back up inside that low...if watching cash, then watch 91 - 92 close in early trade
the new slogan..." Confluence equals confidence"'s what I was watching on cash and continue to watch...
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gap in data at 2490.25
great eyes !!....with biggest volume bar at 90.50 - 91.75 I'd like to see a retest of 91.75 first and then try the short for that gap in data........but not sticking around all day for that so maybe it will happen just keeps making higher lows on one would help to see that stop too...
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gap in data at 2490.25
trying to get filled on a very small short from 96 even.....structure of this profile is poor and I just can't see them breaking away without coming back to 2493.50.....this is small and I will be ok to take heat but will not add on this
Looks like SPX might have an appointment with 2500.
the trade I took and why
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getting uglier in terms of structure !!
look at "E" lows and "C" and "D"....that's ugly !!
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maybe Friday Mike....the bitman calls least so far...I rolled to next wednesday for a 4 cent credit ......another error...I meant to roll to next friday