ES Thursday 9-14-17

here's how I see it...key zone for possible support is 2485 - 2487.50...then watch overnight volume spike at 90.50...longs will need to get and hold above that in early careful as we have lots of possible clues that buyers are tired even though we have a poor high on top.....lots of things below that need's what I see ...jing cut me I guess I talked too much....
No video below? Try this link: vid1.swf

here is the weekly...I think this gives the zones well enough
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That rocked...and look where cash is dipping back to as our target hit...remember we currently have a 2 - 2.5 differential between cash and ES measly runner will try for 91.75...that is high of volume bar and where I was going to look for short for gap fill...and last runner will go for gap in data if real lucky
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they filled in all the holes in the profile now once 93 printed so from here on it's just a matter of getting a bit lucky and hoping that the cash dip back to that zone and the weak rally up will lead to even more downside....we really don't want cash staying above the 2497 or else runners won't earn us too many extra dollars today
odds favor taking out the swing at 92.75 or at least testing so selling 94 or above would be a good trade...this is it for postings today.....stayed too long...letting runners try for targets
Still strong buyers, LL failed.
maybe Friday Mike....the bitman calls least so far...I rolled to next wednesday for a 4 cent credit ......another error...I meant to roll to next friday