ES Friday 9-22-17

here's what I see and I cover some of the Bittman material that covers part of the 1/2 SD move probability
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key areas today in ES

2500 - 2501

2495 - 2496


if the 92 breaks then we have to think that maybe, just maybe they will get a full one sd move down on the daily and a also achieve the 1/2 sd move down for this watch the 85 - 87 area on cash .....longside is still doable for us short termers be careful ....this market seems to be looking tired and wants an excuse to have some longs liquidate and see a sell off
taking small longs at 94.25...will try for midpoint of overnight but will NOT be adding in to trades today...very concerned of downside move....much smaller than usual today on longside trades
midpoint is right at YD's low...hoping it will be a magnet.... 1/2 sd down is 6.5 points off cash close
cash just pushed into yd's lows so this a good place to come out strong and midpoint has hit
86 % number comes in at 2493.50 or 2506.50 as per cash today !
holding one runner to see if I can get 2499.50 but coming back to 94.50 will stop this out....need cash to stay inside the lows of yesterday
revising last target to 99 even
too many lines in my way...what am I suppose to do with that swing low from yd afternoon at 2498.25 if it even gets there.......deep breath as I practice contentment...LOL !!
so cash is battling at YD's low as ES does the same.......hey big mike will it be the plus or minus 4 today..? I want you guys to push to the plus 4 so I can get out
3 tests to the opening range high.....and it's holding far !! man, is this slow....!!
very slow! so i'm done for the day took off my long scalp. good analysis Bruce!
the first one minute
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Bruce what time frame do you use for the opening range.
Thanks you analysis has helped me a lot staying in the right side. Thanks for all your analysis.