ES Monday 9/25/17

I like to trade Sunday night and always look for a retrace of Friday or the entire week.
Market tried to go long last by a 5 point move up, as I thought it should-LOL.

That said, any break of Friday's low is what I'm taking ( I am set at 91.75 while I go about my day) and would expect the move to run to 2480 area.

Good luck to all.
S3 was 85.75 today !!! Floor traders are playing this bounce it seems
a quick follow up video
No video below? Try this link: follow_up_.swf

I'm a firm believer if you are going to post it then you should follow up even if nobody asks you about it,,,,,,,,I initiated these and you can find that on last mondays thread here ...sold for 1.30 ...scroll and look for the red if you care to.....has no educational value

I had about a 50% profit target on them as per tasty trade ideas and covered them is the one is the fill a .60 buy back price....

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i get the feeling these ES threads are growing fact many forums seems to dry up with volatility......all these concepts are very repetitive...traders just respecting classic floor numbers now...volume spikes mentioned haven't changed

here's where ya can find me if ya need to....It's over 80 here and the colors are changing fast...strange weather indeed !
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Awesome Bruce. you beat me to it. thx for the follow up
Thanks for the follow up