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ES Tuesday 10-3-17

1/2 sd is once again about 6.5 points up or down.....I'm only leaning short once again and will let bulls win if they decide to keep pushing but Ultimate magnet today should be the 2524 spot..... would like to scale if given the chance at 2525.75 - 2526.25 as a first target...see favorite classic stuff like r1 at 29.75 and r2 up at 33 spot...that would probably have spx hitting it's 1/2 up 86% number.....a quick tribute at the start of today's video
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love the drone effect that musically flows through this one.....
my options are about $450 in the hole !....I will rethink those if they get to 1/2 max loss...max loss is about $1300 on that trade
here is what I am doing now
No video below? Try this link: OR_trade.swf

bruce your opening range is what time?
first one minute bar of RTH session....that begins at 9:30 e.s.t
Originally posted by Padmaja

bruce your opening range is what time?
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