ES Tuesday 10-3-17

1/2 sd is once again about 6.5 points up or down.....I'm only leaning short once again and will let bulls win if they decide to keep pushing but Ultimate magnet today should be the 2524 spot..... would like to scale if given the chance at 2525.75 - 2526.25 as a first target...see favorite classic stuff like r1 at 29.75 and r2 up at 33 spot...that would probably have spx hitting it's 1/2 up 86% number.....a quick tribute at the start of today's video
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love the drone effect that musically flows through this one.....
my option trade I put on YD that is losing so far....
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And I just saw him over the summer... RIP Tom Petty. You remember me telling you about that, Bruce
my shorts started at 28.75 in overnight
I sure do...u saw his last tour.....lucky you....!
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And I just saw him over the summer... RIP Tom Petty. You remember me telling you about that, Bruce
this is so boring and thin that I am actually hoping I get to add on at the r1 area....look at all those one minute lows at the OR low !
first target was settlement
gonna try an experiment and now that we are back in OR... I will buy or sell breaks of the OR to target one tic below R1 or one tic above the pivot this may whip me quite a bit but I will get one of those and maybe even a plus or minus no runners are working now
I see no obvious volume on my spikes jump off the page
no overnight high or low, no floor number and no plus or minus 4 yet...also 86 % number hasn't come in either...lots of probabilities still on the charts
will it be 23.75 or 31.75 that prints if we just use the plus or minus 4 off the open.......? seems the minus 4 has some nice confluence with the pivot and poc area but lets just follow the Or for today as an "experiment"
first one minute bar of RTH session....that begins at 9:30 e.s.t
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bruce your opening range is what time?