ES Wednesday 11-29-2017

I have 2622 - 2623 as the key area to watch in Tuesdays Overnight and Wednesdays day session...
I had 26.50.......a perfect day today on both sides....
late in 2018 it will be my 20th year at the detractors will take this as boasting but I think the main reason I have survived is two fold

1) I'm out of my mind

and more importantly

2) I'm not a pig when it comes to the market - I have learned to strive to be consistent and I limit how often I beat myself up when I make bad trades or trading blunders

It's so easy to get into a " What if" mentality........what if I held and caught that huge trend? What if I traded with 10 times my normal comfortable size etc, etc? That will kill you !! Well, WHAT IF you tried to hold for a trend and traded 10 times your normal size and an adverse price shock hits...? are done and back living in someones basement or on a friends couch !! It's not worth it !

Define yourself - For me it's "I am a short term trader that makes 95 % of his trades between 9:30 and 11:30 EST"

Here is my one and only option trade for the day
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