I just bought shares now what do I do?

Hello everyone:

I am new to trading, very new! I recently bought a very large amount of shares of Thunder Energies $TNRG and it has made some runs twice and made some gains. I bought them at a very low price and they have a made some gains but what do I do now? I am at a loss of when to sell or how much? After that what do I do, what do I buy and how much? For any guidance on what I should do next I would be grateful!
I see that Thunder Energies Corp Under "OTCMKTS: TNRG"
Has a current price of 0.010 USD −0.0026 (20.47%) and it is still decreasing.

Can you tell me how many lots you have purchased and when?
Can you share on a commodity? Crude?
Sure, check the below chart
Click image for original size
Do you have for sell?
I am glad you asked :)
But the catch is to work only on small targets if you are doing intraday
simple calculation is for 100 points trade 5-6 times a day
Here is the sell chart
Which other commodities you are covering?
All of them, if you want i can share the strategy
Click image for original size
sure sounds good :)
Cool connect with me
$TNRG UP %37!! Today!