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Trading using Trend Analysis

Trading CBOT markets using Trend Analysis
Live event: April 12 @ 10 AM Chicago / 11 AM Eastern time.
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Discover new trading strategies for the CBOT metals, interest rate, agricultural and index futures. In this presentation, internationally recognized trader and educator Daniel Gramza presents the concepts and techniques of Trend Analysis with a proprietary twist. Learn how Daniel’s unique approach opens a new dimension to trading by revealing the market dynamics that create the patterns – an invaluable key to market movement and direction. How many times have you heard the expression “The Trend Is Your Friend”? Daniel Gramza will show techniques you can use to take advantage of trending and counter-trending trades. Learn how to define a trending market, how to technically determine when a trend change has occurred and how to trade the new trend. Sponsored by Infinity Brokerage.

About the Speaker
Daniel Gramza is President of Gramza Capital Management, Inc. and DMG Advisors, LLC. He is a trader, international consultant, educator and the trading advisor to the St. Croix hedge fund. He is published internationally and is completing two books "Trading in the Eye of the Storm" and” The Handbook of Japanese Candle Trading Strategies". Daniel has appeared on CNN's "Moneyline" program, Reuters TV, Bloomberg TV and WCIU-TV in Chicago. Daniel develops and presents public and private courses worldwide, and has presented courses to traders from over 20 exchanges, 350 institutions, and 30 countries. Daniel was a member of the Chicago Rice and Cotton Exchange and an adjunct faculty member of the Illinois Institute of Technology's Master program in Financial Markets and Trading. He earned a B.S. in Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology and an M.B.A. in International Finance from DePaul University, graduating with honors.
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