Volume! Volume! Volume!

Volume! Volume! Volume!
Live event: May 3 @ 10 AM Chicago / 11 AM Eastern time.
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Join 30-yr career trader Tim Morge as he discusses how to combine technical analysis tools correctly with Volume-Based charts to increase your profitability & put ACTION back into you 30-yr. T-Bond and Dow futures trading. Sponsored by Spike Trading.

About the Speaker
Timothy Morge is one of the most respected names in the futures industry today. Throughout his remarkable 30 year career Morge has been a floor trader on the CME, an institutional trader managing cash forex positions in excess of $2 Billion U.S. Dollars, a mentor and teacher to hundreds of professional traders, as well as the President of Blackthorne Capital, a CTA focusing on trading currency and stock index futures. In two out of the past five years, Blackthorne’s Lucida Program has been ranked by Barclays, International Traders Research and Managed as one of the top ten programs for annual rate of return, risk adjusted annual rate of return and thirty-six month total rate of return.

Mr. Morge is the author of the highly acclaimed “Trading With Median Lines,” the trading book that reveals how to unlock the full potential hidden behind the popular “pitchfork” drawing tool found on most charting packages today. His web page, The MedianLine, features regular detailed glimpses into his own trading style and strategies and receives visits by hundreds of traders daily. He founded and continues to host the popular Action-Reaction Lab, a free forum started in 1997, where traders from all over the world come together to discuss trading techniques and strategies. In late April, Morge’s newest venture, Market Geometrics, will unveil its AutoFork software, which automatically chooses pivots and draws pitchforks in real-time. Morge says that this new software is designed to allow traders new to pitchforks to concentrate on trading, while letting the software draw and show them the appropriate pitchforks and trade set ups.