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Market Profile no longer working for my market


I´ve used this site for a number of years in order to construct a daily market profile chart for the market I trade Nordic Futues.
Today it has stopped working, I get this message:

"The profile that you are trying to create is 313 ticks wide which would need more processing time than is available on the server.
We have the maximum number of ticks for a profile set to 200..."

I can´t find a working contact form, so I adress it here instead.

For the Nordic futures you enter 17 rows of High/Low
For the US it is 14 rows.

Can anybody help me out or put me into contact with admin please?

Best Regards
Hi spalato.

I'm the admin here.

I've changed the limit so hopefully it will get past this for you.

Can you try again and let me know if it works?

Hi admin,

It works like a charm, much appreciated.

Thank you so much, awesome support!

Best Regards

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