Looking for a profitable strategy to automate

I am a trading coder with a lot of experience. I have a co-located server I bought on CME central location. I managed to develop algorithms that are break-even most of the time (small gains sometimes).
The commissions I pay per trade are low due to the size of the account I use.

I am looking for a trader who wants to automate his/her strategies on futures (CME and CBOT exchanges) and split the profits between us.
it seems very interesting, but I likely to trust broker wich has regulations and some kind of guarantee. Maybe you would be interested as well. I was able to develop my own straregy to earn more than lose.
I am not experienced enough about this to know what you're talking about. Although it sounds interesting. I hope you are able to post more about your experience with this to educate others as well as myself.

I've not been on this forum for quite a while, but I'd really like to see deep discussions fire up again. Cheers!
Hi, to automate your trade I can suggest you to try with Amibroker analysis software. Its great technical analysis tool with accurate strategies for intraday profitable trading.

I hope this could add some information to your question.!

Happy Trading. :-)
If you really find let me about it
Automating isn't possible because trading is never black and white the way coding has to be, trading is as much an art as math and pattern recognition, let's help each other.
Experience has actually revealed that automated trading just actually functions within a limited array. Auto trading profits usually just total up to a couple of pips. Supplied the problems are right, forex scalping robots can be fairly effective.
Hello, I am new to trading do you advise me to choose a broker rather than a strategy to depend on?
Merry Christmas,
I do have a strategy that I would like to use. Not sure if it would be good for Forex...
Its not something I came up with but I can not find it on any of the trading strategy's I have seen...not the way I think it should be implicated anyway.
Maybe you can help me write it and its yours to use.

It has to do with an engulfing candle...should be less than 100 lines of code.
If interested reply back