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My Trading Quest - Profitability in 90 days!

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum and would like to journal my journey for a new trading quest I have been thinking about for a long time.

I have been trading on and off for over 20 years and I have many scars to prove it. Recently, I became a funded trader with Topstep Trader using my own scalping system on US 30 Year Bonds. In the past I have traded Futures and Forex manually and with my own coded systems.

I have completed many trading courses and seminars. Most of the time I could not replicate their results! They often promise the world but most do not deliver.

Like most of us, I have been burned by these trading companies.

It is time to test these trading companies and see who can deliver.

My journal will track my progression:
  • I will explain why I chose the courses on the short list and why I chose the first one to test.

  • Right through to setup, back-testing, live trading and hopefully to profitability

  • I will explain what works and what doesn't

  • I will not be sharing anything that is proprietary to the company

My goal is to see if I can become profitable in 90 days.

If I fail, then I will start again with another 90-day challenge ... until I find a profitable course.

I would love it if people have questions or can suggest things along the way.

If anyone would like to suggest a trading course to add to my list, I would appreciate it.

I am NOT associated with any Trading Company.

I am excited to share my journey and my results with you.

Come along with me on My Trading Quest!

Apex Sniper Trading Bootcamp – Challenge Review …

I have not posted or traded in the last 9 trading days due to some personal reasons but am now back on Monday to finish this first challenge. I have 10 days to become profitable!

Challenge Review

I have reviewed the last 9 trading days to see what I missed and found that I didn’t miss much.

My normal process is to review every 24 hours for the instrument but generally do not trade after Midday.

The market has been very hard to trade most mornings from open until at least 11 am.

It would appear that before open a couple of good trades usually occur. If you do lose one trade then it is very hard to make it back to profit due to the risk:reward and the lack of trades.

I still have confidence in the Apex Sniper Setups but the change in the market has changed the frequency of these trades.

Over the last couple of weeks, Apex Investing appears to be more focused on a relatively new setup using the Simplicity Chart. It has a higher risk with a higher potential reward opportunity. It also suits the current market.

So Where to now?

I will start daily posting from next Monday with 15 days to go to the end of this Challenge.
Before Monday I will review the Simplicity Trade and determine if I should trade it.
I will start reviewing other courses (just in case) for the next 90-day challenge

Watch this space for more resources that I find useful.

I will include books, articles, podcasts, interviews, videos, hypnosis/meditation audios, mental exercises, and more …

I will report back tomorrow on my progress and any lessons I learn


I am not affiliated with any of these companies.
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