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Recent question:
How would you recommend one to learn more about Market Profiles? Any info would be great.

Have you read Mind over Markets by James Dalton? And Steidlmayer on Markets?

There is also the CBOT manual on MP that can be downloaded from the site as well as a ton of material on the CBOT site. Use this search link in Google to find a bunch of references on the CBOT site:

And this search will bring up another collection of articles on the Trading Clinic web site:

After you're familiar with the basic strategies you should then pick out 1 strategy and study it. See when it works and when it doesn't work. See if you can isolate times when the strategy may not produce as good results - lower probabilities for success.

For example, Selling Double the Initial Balance (IB) High (DIBH) is a classic strategy. However, the probability of it working out depends on the size of the IB. It supposedly works better when the IB is near to its norm. Go back in time or keep daily notes of this particular MP strategy and see when it provides better than average odds of success.

Now pick another MP strategy and do the same. Study when it works best and when it doesn't. Let me know if this is taking you down the right track...

There are also plenty of courses that you can buy to study MP. I find that the most important thing is to find the time to sit down and study the material and learn the methods. Study hundreds of MP charts and see if you can recognize common patterns and work out what happened during the day by just looking at the MP graphic. There are a ton of historic graphics here:
Historic Market Profile Graphics


The current MP numbers appear to be the same as the previous day, is this supposed to be the case? I have just recently looked at those numbers so I'm less than certain if it should be updated at this time (if it hasn't) - so please pardon my ignorance.

Also, could you direct me to any other site(s) that post the VAH/VAL/POC for the upcoming session for the primary US contracts?

Thank you in advance.
Tool: The MP numbers hadn't updated. I believe that they have now updated so they should be good for Monday.

I don't know of any other sites that have the MP numbers.

If you have the highs and lows for the 30 minute brackets then you can also generate your own MP numbers here if you want:
TPO Chart Generator
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