Fear in Trading

Many people find it very difficult to move from a demo account to a live account, because when their money is at stake they may suffer from anxiety, fear and distress. That is why to overcome the fear of trading in real, we must educate ourselves, train ourselves, experience many operations in the demo and have a system of rules. Precisely because in the markets there are no rules. Nobody will tell you (ideally) when to buy, whento sell, where to put your money, which company to trade with. So, without clear self-imposed rules, in a real market fear is usually the first to appear. And it can lead to serious mistakes.

If you practice on demo, when you move to your real account, remember everything you have learned and trust yourself and your system (entry times, exit times, stops, targets, etc). Also always keep learning, although being trained will not eliminate fear, it will minimise it and you will feel more confident. Little by little the fear will disappear and when the fear disappears, so do the possibilities of making mistakes.

I recommend you this page <redacted> where they explain better the psychology of trading. Good luck!