De ja vu

Hey ...what ever happened to Bruce? Ptemini?
Yikes koolblue, you're a blast from the past. I'm still in touch with Bruce and he is well. I haven't heard from ptemini in a long time. How are you doing? What are you trading these days?
Doing retired. I survived covid though it nearly killed me. Icu for 2 weeks. Then a long hauler! But now doing well. I was browsing some old posts from 2008 - 2014. Wow... pretty cool. Starting to get back into the markets again after a couple years away. Still got it though! Last night I was looking for 4144 basis March and we got 4145.25! Still use fib extensions and simple technicals.
Sorry to hear about the ICU and long hauler. Hope it's not too bad. Good work on nailing that level.
I'm fine, just old,lol! Looking to sell 4240 area.Wish me luck!
Well yesterday was a good 14 handles. Today I'm watching 4349.25, 4365, and 4377 on the upside. Watch for 4309.25, 4301, 4289 , and 4268 on the downside. Market is very positive on the daily chart but very overbought on an hourly basis so be careful! Good luck to all.
Tough day yesterday. Cycles look down in the morning and up in the afternoon. If the 4315-18 area gives way look out! Daily chart positive
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I'm paper trading the e mini micro to get ready for trading again... Day one: 14.25 handles. Day two: -10 handles. Sigh, but at least I'm still up 4.25 on the week. Lol.
Wow! Went long at 4331.00,cause it didn't look like we get more downside (never broke that 1415-18 area.).excited way too soon at 4345.25. plus 14 25!
Man,that could a been a home run, since the 15 chart is just now turning positive. .watch 4365and 4389 for resitance
I had been in touch with BruceM. It's been a while since he has posted here. You can DM him; I am sure he will respond.

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Hey ...what ever happened to Bruce? Ptemini?