What are your favourite books related to trading?

Although a lot of different sources are available for learning online such as YouTube videos and online courses, I still like reading books when I want to learn new things. So far I have read (or in some cases listened to) the following books:

1. Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom by Van K. Tharp - useful for learning about trading psychology and different strategies
2. One Good Trade by Mike Bellafiore - a good guide on how to build your trading plan and stick to it
3. Trading in the Zone by Mike Douglas - mostly trading psychology, useful if you already have an idea about the technical side of trading and you want to improve further

These are all very popular, I have found them through many people recommending them online. The next on my list is The Richest Man in Babylon - it's not specifically about trading but I heard good things about it. I found all three I have read to be useful.
What are some books you have read? Would you recommend them?
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Atomic Habits by James Clear is one I have read the last month that I recommend.

I started reading it not long ago, it is indeed very helpful. Not trading-specific, but it helps with making positive changes when it comes to both work and personal life.
Yes it's broader than just being about trading but I found the content to be very relatable to the process of learning to trade and then actively trading down the line.
Me too but i think trading is all encompassing as well so good to know for sure
Another good one is The Mental Game of Trading by Jared Tendler. In my opinion a great companion book to read after Trading In The Zone. Also a good psychology book though again not trading related is The Chimp Paradox by Dr Steve Peters. It explores the different facets of our personalities and how they are interwoven as well as how to harness the different facets well in order to achieve better performance.
How many people use Audible here and if so do you find many trading related books are available there 🤔
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How many people use Audible here and if so do you find many trading related books are available there 🤔

I don't use Audible but I have bought some e-books from Amazon and a lot of them have audible versions. From my list, One Good trade has one I believe, and some other popular books are also on audible such as Trading in the Zone and High Probability Trading.
There are a few good Telegram channels that have audiobook files. I won't list them in here but a quick good search will likely find them
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