ES 10-06-22

Two more studies which bode well for the rest of the year... after OCT!
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4 year sweet spot

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seasonal trend
And courtesy of Sentimentrader " Double thrusts have never failed
On consecutive sessions, buyers overwhelmed sellers in NYSE-listed securities. More than five times as many securities advanced as declined, and more than ten times as much volume flowed into those securities. Similar thrusts always preceded a positive one-year return in stocks.
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early action
currently a little pop here
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15 min
I think if they bring it back to that 3781 fib i`ll be a seller.. needs to be in the next 30 min tho
Kool do you keep track of EU close? Or other times where market tend to behave in certain ways?
Short now 3781.50... No i dont watch the other markets a lot, only for gauging the big picture, which i only look at for fun (posting) . Some thigs i pay attention to, like the us dollar the past 2 months . eu and japan ,china , etc all indicate to me a global slowdown which can stretch out our bear mrkt, but thats as far as i go. Im too short term orientated
I lowered my stop to 3788.50, so im risking 7 points.. not sure about my exit yet...
Trying a buy here ,but just a quick scalp...i hope. Buying anywhere under 3770
Long now from 3768
Exiting both at 3782
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afternoon update