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Seasonals and cycles have been doing there job thru bloody September, and scary October. Like Buffet says " buy when others are fearful. I dont think we`re there yet, but we`re getting close. Review past posts and you see the aggregate seasonals , midterm seasonals, and 4 year " sweet spot" are soon turning straight up for the November-December time period. Ive showed where one year from entering a bear mrkt. we are 20-22% higher. Heres another little tidbit to show that this late 2022 period could be a great buying oppurtunity. Light at the end of the tunnel? Anytime in the past 70 years when the market was down 25% (as we are now) , 3 years later we were ALWAYS much higher (somewhere north of 35%) and 5 years later the returns are stellar!
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midday look
Imust say the rebound from the Mon-Tues low has been impressive, but we`ll see if ppi affects it tomorrow. In the meantime im content to watch although any move down to 3617 gets me long.